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Why My Team Exists*

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*This is a posthumous post that I meant to get out before my tenure ended with my former team. Still, it’s an important post because it highlights some of the extremely powerful elements of culture that a strong team can harness and share. As ever, click through if you’re interested.

Why. As Simon Sinek would say, it is the question. Unfortunately it is a question that many organizations struggle with. I don’t think the struggle is bad it’s more when the struggle stops. Here’s how my team and I approached that cultural challenge.

After attending Barcamp I was inspired by Tara Kelly and I decided to put a challenge to the team. On the Monday following Barcamp I posed the question to the team during standup, “Why Does the Ops team Exist?” Over the next few weeks the team debated (largely without my input) and completely blew my mind with the result. Not only did they create a great why, they presented it and posted it above our Kanban board for all to see. Check it out below:

picture alt

Here’s some of the reasons why the CSI Ops team totally rocks:

  • They formatted the text as Ruby to match our internal goal to move all our scripts to Ruby
  • The ‘Why’ reflects how a good ops team services internal and external customers and does so fearlessly
  • The message has subtle elements that I think are crucial to an Ops team building positive culture. Note the words: ‘Empower, practices, postive, technology’
  • Whenever the team has a question or a dilemma they can always chart a course of action that is based from our reason for being. If your actions or response will lead to a positve and empowering customer experience based on your skills and/or the use of technology rip it!