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Update and a Fresh Start

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I have been horrible on posting regularly. There’s never a good excuse so I’ll skip that part and move into the updates!


I am sad to mention that I have left my work home of the past 4 years (Calgary Scientific). There are many great people, a neat product, and (of course) my team that I bid farewell. It was not an easy decision but the experience I gained was incalculable. I have a huge backlog of blog posts to share about what we got up over the past few years.

note: The Team aka My Team

I understand that it can be percieved as arrogant to refer to the people you manage the way that I do. My perspective does not come from a place of ego when I say ‘my team’. At CSI the team I built (yes, I recruited each of them) and lead (I was priviledged to set objectives and direction) will always be very special to me and I learned so much from them that I am very eager to share it. I am extremely proud of that group and what they have done and will continue to do. So when I say ‘my team’ I’m refering to a collection of people that I would work with in any capacity again in an instant. This theme will come up repeatedly so heads up.

Fresh Start

I am happy to say that I have joined Solium Capital Inc as their first DevOps engineer. It’s going to be very exciting to bring my culture, automation, measurement and information sharing perspectives to their teams.